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MCA receives City of Los Angeles permit in 2016 to construct People's Paths


The People's Path is a community plan begun more than 50 years ago. Over the years many homeowners and MCA constructed and maintained paths and split rails on the City's parkways (public right-of-way area) along the road, in the lower area of Mandeville Canyon Road.

In 2015 old maps were located. In 2016 MCA presented a master plan to the City of LA to complete the construction of a continuous and unobstructed path from the entrance of the Canyon to the 2700 block. The purpose of the plan isn't only for pedestrians to walk safely but to improve overall Canyon safety & open sight-lines. The walking paths extend the street for wider ingress/egress in event of an emergency for First Responders and emergency vehicles. The wooden split-rail fences are built to collapse, thus allowing a pathway should the street be blocked. They afford pedestrians an invitation to walk safely off the busy street and afford bicyclists safer passage near the asphalt curbs which remain freer of debris with the split rails in place. The People's Paths enhance property values & quality of life, and protect the ambiance of the unique character of Mandeville Canyon.

The City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works approved the master plan and provided MCA with an A Permit and the authority to build upon their City-owned parkways.  MCA works with new and old homeowners to make improvements to the parkway area and can assist with permits per the City-approved People's Path specifications. In some cases MCA will fund and oversee the installation of paths and split rail fencing as funds are available. Contact to receive more information.

New homeowners engaged in remodels or new construction are required by the City to construct the paths per an approved design.      

Guidelines For People's Paths

The Diagram Below is Intended to Guide Homeowners in Providing Continuity and Improving Visual and Safe Passage Along Busy Mandeville Canyon Road

  • City Property extends anywhere between 18-25 feet from the street curb to your property line.  In most cases, homes north of Westridge have a property setback of 18 feet from the street curb. This is considered a Public Right-Of-Way Area.
  • City Code mandates that it is the responsibility of each property owner to provide and maintain safe passage for pedestrians in front of their home.  If someone were to get hurt as a result of a homeowner’s failure to comply with this Code, the City and you, the homeowner, could be held liable if an accident were to occur .
  • Any improvement on City property (fencing, mailboxes, walls, large plants, etc.) requires the issuance of a revocable permit by the Bureau of Engineering (BOE).
  • Maximum height of fencing, walls and gates in the front of your property along the street is 42”.   Any structure over this height requires the owner to obtain a variance permit from BOE.  If you do not obtain a permit, and build on public property anyway, the City has the right to determine what action to take.  That could include issuing a Citation and requiring that you remove your improvements.
  • The setback for vehicular gates is a minimum of 18 feet from the curb.

Guidelines for Peoples Paths.pdf

26 feet of original path maps dating from 1964

No More Eyesores!

Dear Residents of Mandeville Canyon, All of us turn off of Sunset onto Mandeville a million times a day it seems, but probably never really notice the two rather ugly electrical boxes. They were eyesores as they are all over Los Angeles. You probably only noticed them if they are papered with various political comments and other media. Well - as of today - eyesores be gone! The MCA, in coordination with Craig Furst and AAA Flags has laminated the boxes with beautiful landscape designs. We are also trying to raise more money so that we can landscape around these boxes so you barely even know that they are there. I want to thank Craig Furst, a Mandeville resident, for being so willing to work with us and the community on projects like this. He has always been accessible and generous with his time and his company. Thanks so much Craig. I also want to thank all of the homeowners who have paid their 2018 dues that makes projects like this possible.

If for some reason you have not paid your 2018 dues - well it's not too late (-: Just  Click Here to pay them. Please see the attached before and after pictures attached so you can appreciate the difference.

Check out our Before & After Photos


Historic Westridge Bridge to Receive Regular Clean-ups

MCA Neighbor Michael Caan, with the support of MCA, has rolled up his sleeves once again and

organized a regular clean-up program to insure that our beautiful Westridge Bridge is properly maintained

for safety purposes. Plus, it looks great and shows pride in our neighborhood!
Thank you, Michael


...and After

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