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Welcome to Mandeville Canyon, one of the most unique and magical settings in Los Angeles! Please take a moment to explore our website and learn how you can participate in all that’s going on in our wonderful community. 


The Mandeville Canyon Property Owners' Association (MCA) was formed in 1939, and incorporated in 1945 as a tax-exempt homeowners' association in the State of California. While MCA does not have enforceable CC&Rs, it is a legal entity and works closely with various Los Angeles City agencies and departments to ensure safe and responsible building and safe passage along the busy and narrow roads within our neighborhood. To this day, MCA is dedicated to its original mission:

  • Improve Safety and Security
  • Enhance Value & our unique Canyon Quality of Life
  • Protect and Preserve our Natural Environment

The MCA Board works to Deliver Value to our Neighbors by:

  • Representing our 500+ homeowners and serving as a liaison to the city
  • Developing our signature walking paths and split rail fences
  • Promoting responsible building and safe passage throughout the neighborhood
  • Welcoming new neighbors with information and gift baskets
  • Providing security patrol on the public streets and right-of-way areas
  • Supporting 24-Hour Surveillance Cameras
  • Maintaining the Entrance Area to Mandeville Canyon and public right-of-ways
  • Connecting the beautiful Holiday Lights program with our neighbors' help
  • Posting Bulletin Board news and announcements
  • Collecting voluntary dues and allocating resources for our community projects
  • And much more...

Email us with questions, comments and suggestions at info@themca.org

Get involved in something worthwhile.

If you would like to be involved in MCA's work to improve our neighborhood, or would like to recommend yourself or a neighbor to be involved, let us know at info@theMCA.org

A Board Member will contact you to answer any questions.

MCA 83rd Annual Meeting

Opening and Ribbon Cutting Event:

  • TIME:  7:00 PM
  • DATE:  Monday, August 29TH
  • PLACE: Riviera Country Club

MCA Boundries

MCA Boundaries by Street Address Click on Map for larger version

Mandeville Canyon Association
Established 1939
P.O. Box 49802
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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