2020 All Canyon Holiday Lights Program

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The holiday season is upon us! Once again, the MCA elves have installed the beautiful winter lights!

You'll see lights as usual at the entrance to our canyon, on the fencing that borders our country roads, and along our historic bridge on Westridge Road. 

And  look for new lights at the intersection of Chalon and Arbutus Road and along the 1600 and 2600 block of Mandeville.

Your generous contributions are tax deductible and what make this wonderful program a unique neighborhood delight for all ages. Please donate today!

We need your tax deductible financial Support!!

If paying by check:

Download the Holiday Flyer form & make your check out to Mandeville Foundation             Send to: Nina Cohen, 1754 Mandeville Canyon Road, LA 90049


Donate Online

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