Safety is MCA's #1 Priority

Almost every program the MCA supports has to do with SAFETY. These programs include 24-Hour Camera Surveillance, Patrol Service on City streets, maintenance of open sight lines, and construction of People's Paths.   Speed is always an issue on the narrow canyon and ridge roads and MCA works with the City of Los Angeles in surveys and communication programs for its homeowners.

Every year MCA works with the LAFD and the LADWP in their annual efforts to trim the sycamore trees along Mandeville Canyon Road.  An annual programs to cutback and remove overgrowth on Westridge Road is regularly supported.  The Lower Westridge Safety Initiative is program to better maintain lower Westridge Road, build a walking path, improve the condition of the street with markings, and resurfacing, and limit any parking in the lower area of Westridge Road.

On occasion MCA works with the City of Los Angeles in evacuation drills and notification programs, such as Notify LA, to keep the homeowners informed and aware of disaster planning.  LAPD crime reports are shared with homeowners as car break-ins and home robberies have escalated with the increase of construction in the neighborhood.  


Dear Canyon Residents, 

Please Print This Page and keep it next to your phones.

ALERTWildfire is a new system of several fire-spotting cameras on our ridges, which allow quick response to any fire day and night. The cameras are monitored by volunteers and controlled by Fire Departments. To see what the cameras see go to:

Scroll down to Vicente Peak cameras 1&2, Westridge, Mountaingate 1&2, Temescal Trailhead, Topanga 1&2, etc.

To report fire safety violators, or to reach a Fire Inspector contact the Los Angeles Fire Department by calling

(800) 994-4444 during office hours (7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, except holidays)or by emailing

Los Angeles Fire Department is divided into four areas.

The LAFD West Division Commander is Deputy Chief

Armando Hogan (323) 957-4121

Fire Station 19, our local fire station, is located at 12229 West Sunset Blvd. Report all emergencies to 911. Business tel. 310 575 8519. First responders can reach Canyon homes in minutes with fire equipment and ambulance. These life savers have proven themselves time after time. They are our greatest asset.

LAPD Senior Lead Officer, West LA, is Matthew Kirk

310) 444-0742, e-mail:

Keeping You Safe,


Hill Side Fire Safety Information:  For Fuller Information

NotifyLA is the City of Los Angeles' official mass notification system used to send voice messages, text messages and email messages to residents and businesses during times of emergencies and disasters. Notifying the public when a disaster strikes might be the one and only safeguard the public can count on to save their lives and protect their property.


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