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Israel and canyon safety

To our homeowners:

In light of the targeting of the home of the AIPAC President in Brentwood recently, the MCA had a conversation with Matthew Kirk, Lead Officer for the Westside Division of the LAPD, about safety in Mandeville Canyon. 

The discussion centered on the topic of local antisemitism and how MCA could/should respond and how LAPD prepares for possible incidents in our community.

We learned that the LAPD stays informed about the major and minor Jewish holidays. It seems that most incidents to date have occurred during those times. If you plan to host a large event or gathering, additional patrols are available.

That said, the most recent incident occurred in Brentwood at the home of a high-profile Jewish leader. The pro-Palestinian group threw fake blood on the man’s car and driveway. An argument erupted and led to some pushing and shoving. No arrests were made, as the homeowner did not want to press charges. The crowd dispersed before police arrived on the scene, so no “illegal assembly” order was issued. 

Officer Kirk said that tensions tend to simmer over time, but he has no insight as to how or when the antisemitic fervor will subside. He suggested that people who are planning to hold an event should not publicize it on social media, as that is how the protestors plan their rallies.

Kirk said that there have been no attacks on other private homes. He gave the hypothetical example of a window displaying a menorah in a private home. To date, no one has had a rock thrown in that window. 

Concerning large events and protests, the LAPD takes a “hands-off” approach to crowd management and will only step in if there is a problem. That said, the police try to contact the leaders of the protest to find out the route of the march, the timing, etc. 

Finally, Officer Kirk emphasized that there has not been an uptick in hate crimes, and there is no substantial targeting of private citizens. He said that Mandeville seems like a safe area at this time.

To find out more about police activity in our area you can sign up online for the Brentwood Weekly Crime Report. Contact for Office Kirk:

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